the chester heritage festival 2021 - the best yet!

When we took the decision to cancel the Chester Heritage Festival 2020 as the Coronavirus pandemic loomed large and the first lockdown took hold I don’t think that many of us doubted that the Festival would return as before for 2021 with events and activities attracting people of all ages to come together to share the depth and wealth of history and heritage that Chester has to offer.


However, as the early months of 2021 dawned it became apparent that the challenges we all faced as a consequence of the pandemic were not going to go away any time soon and that if Chester Heritage Festival was to remain alive and vital for 2021 and possibly beyond we needed to think about doing things in a slightly different way.


So, as the rest of the world went ‘virtual’ and millions took to Zoom and other ‘virtual platforms’ we decided that Chester Heritage Festival 2021 would indeed happen but that it would have a different look and a different way of engaging with its audience. Hence, came into being.

Over the course of its ten-day duration many people have visited the Festival via the website and a multitude have taken up the offer to join the many events and activities scheduled across a varied programme with something for everyone. As the Festival draws to a close for 2021 we can now reflect upon our decision and upon future possibilities. It took a little bit of imagination and a lot of hard work but Chester Heritage Festival is very much alive and well. The Festival will continue to breathe via the website as we add content and material over future weeks and months before it returns in full force for 2022. We’ll be back with those dates very shortly.

Huge thanks to all that made it happen and to all that came to visit. Initial feedback suggests that it was the best ever…


Ian Hesketh

Chair, Chester Heritage Festival

Festival 2021 events


Below you will find some of the pre-recorded videos and online events from this year's festival for you to view at your leisure.


We hope you enjoy! Here's to 2022.