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stories through images

In 2018 the Festival held an event at Storyhouse, to tell the stories of Chester using just images.  For this event Julian Baum, of Take 27, created images of the past to superimpose on those of Chester today. 

These are presented again in the video below to provide a glimpse of Chester Past.

Each year the Festival includes at least one exhibition and in 2019, the Chester Photographic Survey curated an exhibition, 'Waterways and Bridges' telling the stories of the canal and River Dee at Chester. 

The exhibition images are presented on the Photographic Survey's website here.

Chester Photographic Survey have been recording the changing face of Chester since the 1960s; capturing images of buildings before demolitions and changes have taken place. They are in the process of digitising a large collection of slides from the 1960’s while still photographing historic buildings. 

These later images are now available on their website.


There has been no festival exhibition in 2021, due to Covid restrictions. Instead, we tell the story of the Festival since 2018 through images here.

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